Subscription Marketing Workbook

Our new workbook makes subscription marketing easy!

You receive hundreds of case studies and expert advice on maximising response, revenue and subscriber retention, all in one file for instant referral.

Use the Subscription Marketing Workbook to get more visitors to register, turn them into valuable customers and increase lifetime values. The Subscription Marketing Workbook is a ‘must have’ for creating effective promotions and is the perfect resource for training marketing staff.

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Subscription Marketing Workbook contents

The twelve workbook chapters are listed below. Scroll down further for a summary of editorial content. Workbook chapters cover:

Loose inserts
Copywriting sales letters
Email marketing
Website business models part 1
Website business models part 2
Upselling, upgrading and cross-selling subscribers
Renewal strategy
Email promotions
Working paywalls
Price testing

Bonus chapter: Retention Marketing

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Subscriptions Marketing Workbook contents: 12 chapters

Each chapter in the Subscription Marketing Workbook carries ‘best practice marketing’ case studies and illustrations of the promotions with links to the websites we have reviewed.

Chapter 1: loose inserts

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to:

Chapter 2: sales letters. Your 12-step programme How to create world-class copy for your:

Chapter 3: advertisements In this chapter, you’ll learn how to:

1. Administer financial ‘rules-of-thumb’
2. Create hot headlines
3. Avoid 7 common headline pitfalls
4. Ensure visual appeal
5. Use 9 effective illustrations
6. Create a powerful proposition
7. Apply the 7 copy elements
8. Create a responsive coupon
9. Test headlines, concepts and copy – all for pennies
10. Learn from successful advertisements
11. Anticipate and deflect reader resistance
12. Use our fail-safe creative checklist
13. Test new and untested media
14. Capture hot leads
15. Plan and commission highly responsive design
16. Create ads that won’t break the marketing budget
17. Use the Internet to grow volume and build substantial lists
18. Reduce costs as you increase activity

Chapter 4: brochures

You’ll learn about:

1. Why it’s worth using quality pictures in your brochure
2. How to ensure effective design
3. The difference between a consumer and B2B brochure
4. How to ensure your direct mail pack brochure can be used for years ahead
5. When not to use a brochure
6. How to create a mini-brochure to cut costs
7. The difference between a direct mail brochure and a stand-alone brochure
8. How to create effective brochure copy and cover lines
9. What you need your editor to confirm
10. Maximising your audience
11. Why the right free gift never fails to increase response
12. Establishing the authority of your product
13. What to put in your coupon
14. Why your brochure needs a source code
15. Why not to sell ‘news’ and ‘opinion’
16. Why you need to put a value on a free gift
17. Using an editorial ‘preview’ to sell, just like Amazon
18. Linking in to an event
19. Positioning your publication as better than newspapers and the Internet
20. Using the biggest and best benefit of all
21. Testimonials – the two kinds to use

Chapter 5: email marketing. 14 best practice tactics

1. Are you a marketing-led organisation? A self-audit…
2. Maximising subscriber revenue: it’s not just about subscriptions
3. How to be a top Internet marketer
4. Website registration techniques best practice
5. Effective autoresponder follow-up messages
6. When to transmit emails
7. Making your thank-you page sell
8. Should you rent cold lists?
9. Measuring email marketing success
10. Using image buttons as links: the effect on response
11. Financial rules of thumb
12. Copywriting your email promotion: 11 vital points
13. A five-point guide to great subject lines
14. Why you don’t need to test these techniques yourself

Chapter 6: successful website business models

1. Membership website or sales machine?
2. Why you must constantly review website tactics
3. The Harvard University ‘Rule of Four’
4. Proof that subscribers will pay more!
5. Increasing profits with a new message
6. Two places your sales message really counts
7. The seven levers in the perfect landing page
8. Landing page case study: 95% increase in sign-ups
9. How to design your order form
10. The extra value of selling ‘memberships’
11. Upgrade at conception brings in $1.8 million
12. Why aren’t more subscribers being upgraded?
13. Payment options: direct debit or credit card?

Chapter 7: successful website business models part 2

1. paid content model
2. Shortcut Bulletin’s 26-part upgrade programme
3. Cosmopolitan’s new email promotions
4. Strategy masterclass: Agora and Fleet Street Publications.
Case study: how IPC follows the market
5. Should you price your product lower?
6. B2B price testing results
7. Converting a free magazine to subscription
8. Workshop: building a portfolio of products
9. Arranging lucrative affiliate deals
10. The two web analytics that decide your content
11. Accountants, doctors, bank robbers

Chapter 8: upselling, upgrading and cross-selling In this issue we look at ways of increasing subscriber revenue through:

1. Phone
2. Direct mail
3. Email
4. Sign-up ‘thank you’ page
5. Order page
6. Landing page
7. Purchase pages

Chapter 9: renewals strategy. Maximising long-term revenue

1. Creating a 7-part renewal series
2. Avoiding a common renewal error
3. Renewal at conception and birth: the extension offer
4. Offering free gifts and other incentives
5. 3 ways to increase renewal profits
6. 15 golden rules for renewals
7. Case study: email renewals
8. Profits from your lapse file
9. Special ‘super bundle’ promotions
10. ‘Churn rate’ as a measure of company success

Chapter 10: email promotions.

1. Should your message be long or short?
2. Which font increases click-throughs?
3. Does a big headline increase response?
4. How many links should be in your message?
5. Where should links appear?
6. What information should you link to?

Chapter 11: Working Paywalls

Chapter 12: Price testing

This chapter covers, among other things:

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