How to write an effective sales letter

The Wizardwordz Sales Letter Wizard

Is the 12-step Sales Letter Wizard for you?
This new version of the Sales Letter Wizard is web-based. It’s easier and faster to use than any on the market. No complicated program installation is necessary, you just sign-up-and-go.

With the Sales Letter Wizard you are up and working immediately. It takes you through a series of 12 questions — then bingo! Your completed letter drops into your own word processor program for final editing.

The simple way to create a good sales letter

“I guarantee that anyone who is not a professional copywriter (and most of those who think they are) will quickly improve if they follow this simple, logical, step-by-step course. Excellent!”

These are not our words, but those of Drayton Bird, author of Commonsense Direct Marketing and How to Write Sales Letters that Sell. He is writing about our Sales Letter Wizard.

So what is the value of a good sales letter? Here is what Ted Nicholas, author of Magic Words That bring Your Riches says:

“The single most important activity in your life is your ability to communicate. Unlimited success and wealth is as simple as using the right words.”

Richard Bayan, says this in his book Words that Sell:

“The copywriter uses words as tools to persuade and motivate an audience. You persuade your readers that you have something valuable to offer: you motivate them to acquire it for themselves. This is the essence of successful copywriting.”

Here are the benefits you receive if you decide to go ahead with your monthly subscription:

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The Wizard is unusually flexible
The Sales Letter Wizard is most cost-effective way to create superb, professional sales letters. You’ll find it infinitely flexible and very easy to use. The Wizard will help you make your letter:

You can use the Wizard to gather thousands of new leads and to sell directly to prospects and existing customers. You can build profitable business using sales letters wherever you market in the world.

This ‘flexibility’ feature is important and doesn’t exist in other sales letter programs. Here is how it works:

Why your copy style needs to be flexible
Never underestimate the power of a good sales letter. Most businesses use them and that’s how we know they work. But it’s not just a case of tapping out words on a computer, or copying someone else’s work!

Let’s say you want to produce sales copy for a website home page and series of email promotions.

If most of your customers for your product or service are in the USA, then the tone and words used will be very different from that used in Australia or the UK. Get it wrong and your copy just won’t work.

The Wizard allows you to create the style and tone you need to attract your major prospects, from creating the headline right down to the P.S. and coupon.

You’ll learn how to create a powerful letter as long or as short as you wish – and it all ends up as a document in your own word-processor program. The copywriting tutorial gives you everything you need to maximize response.

Each of the twelve steps is explained in the tutorial, with all you need to know right there on the page. You use the procedures as you work, with your tutorial sitting right by your letter. You read and write at the same time.

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Our four unique selling points
Search Google for the term ‘Sales Letter’ and you’ll come up with around 126 million entries vying for your attention. That’s not only ridiculous (most of those products aren’t relevant to your needs) but you haven’t the time to read through even 20 pages.

And here’s the most important question: what’s wrong with most of these copywriting books and products?

Here’s what’s wrong with most software programs:

1. Letter writing software programs are often massively complicated with so many features you’ll take weeks if not months to get around all of them. The end result for you will be confusion and inaction!

2. The language and tone you need use in your sales letter will depend on the country you are mailing in. If you sell in the USA, for example, the tone must be enthusiastic. In Europe, it’s more formal and restrained. Then there is the big difference between business mailings and consumer mailings, so that must be taken into account too. Many other programs don’t allow for these differences. Ours does. You choose the tone and language to suit your own market.

3. We have looked at the big-selling software programs. They cost $39.97 and $47 respectively. But why risk that kind of money? Sure, they usually offer a money-back guarantee, but that’s even more work you shouldn’t have to do. Can you afford to waste your time? If you can’t get your sales letters out right away to the standard you want then you should look elsewhere.

4. Our program is different: it’s web-based. That means the software is installed on our website and all you have to do is access the site with your password, which is automatically delivered when your payment is received. Then you are ready to start right away.

What’s wrong with most copywriting books?
Most copywriting books let you down because they fail to explain two vital questions and how to deal with them in your letter:

1. Is there anything that would stop a prospect responding to my letter?

2. Have I restricted my market in any way?

In all my experience as a copywriter these are the two points almost always omitted from the sales letter. That’s why most sales letters fail and why copywriters are paid so much to make them work! It wouldn’t happen so often, of course, if people had expert guidance. And that’s what you get with the 12-step Sales Letter Workbook.

We guarantee you’ll find our Sales Letter Wizard easy to use and that the letters you produce will be as responsive as professionally produced ones. If you take out a lost-cost trial and decide you don’t like our Sales Letter Wizard for any reason, just cancel your forthcoming payment.

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Here’s to successful writing!

Peter Hobday
Managing Director
Creator of the Sales Letter Wizard

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