Subscriptions Strategy marketing consultancy

Subscriptions Strategy was formed in 1993 by Peter Hobday as a consultancy specialising in subscriptions marketing. It is now the leading source of subscriptions marketing information and advice in the UK, and publishes the only newsletter in its field.

We specialise in marketing web-based and print publications, organisations and charities that rely on memberships, subscriptions and donations revenue. Here are some testimonials from clients:

“Peter, thanks very much for that training session, I found it really interesting and helpful! I’ve attached my works in progress on a two-stage marketing campaign I’d be really grateful if you can offer me any feedback on this please!
Thanks again for the training session, it was really useful!
Many thanks” Helen Farmer, Optimus Publishing

Our work includes creating Internet promotions, direct mail packs, insert cards, advertisements, leaflets and brochures. We runs workshops and gives long-term assistance to publishers building a fixed number of subscriptions to achieve market leadership.

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“Peter – You’ll be pleased to hear the packs have been doing very well. ROI’s are comfortably within target and we have brought on 1,100 new paid subs since the first round of mailings. We are really pleased especially given the poor management of the magazines previously – we thought recruiting new subs was going to be much tougher. Emma Rogers, 19 March 2008

“Hi Peter, thanks for an inspired and inspiring session. I have enclosed a renewal letter that we will soon be sending out. Please let me know what you think. Inspired by your recommendations of going down new routes in copy writing, I have written a narrative piece as a promotion. The idea is stolen from another mailing campaign I saw but I guess that’s allowed in copy writing.”
Jacob Hein, Electric Word plc

Clients we have advised on subscriptions marketing include

Planned Savings
The Savings Market
eBay Confidential
Rate Guide
Insurance Age
Financial News
Endodontic Practice
M&C Report
Independent Dentistry
The Corporate Expatriate
Classical Music
Winning Business
Global Reinsurance
Cosmetics International
The Grocer
Subscriptions Strategy
Management Today
Acquisitions Monthly
PSR Health
PEM website
Successful Coaching newsletter
Thinking Managers

Aspiring Millionaire
Debt Counsellors
Sight and Sound
Opera Now
Computer Active
On Board magazine
Sports Adviser
Right Start
Under Five
Property Secrets
Period Living and Traditional Homes
My Child
PE and Sport Today
Special Children
Teaching and Learning
Perfect Home
Women and Golf
Golf Classic
Sports Injury Bulletin
Peak Performance Newsletter
Pacific Standard magazine

Send brief details of your project (in confidence) and we’ll send a ‘shopping list’ of ideas back. If you like them, let us know. We don’t chase clients: