Do you have publisher clients?

Your own customer newsletter
A marketing newsletter appeals to both existing clients and prospects because it contains the kind of practical help that is difficult to find. There are only a handful of publishing marketers who are expert in this area and we are the only people who publish this kind of advice.

The benefits of a customer magazine for your publisher clients
By offering marketing advice, you engender loyalty, drive direct sales and acquire new customers. You will also encourage trust.

We can supply your clients with ‘best practice’ marketing advice on areas such as:

*Sales letters *Advertisements *Brochures *Email marketing *Renewal and upgrade letter series *Website marketing *Google Adwords and Adsense *Search engine optimisation *List building *Events *Creating loose inserts

In fact, we cover all creative areas of marketing for publishers. All advice is illustrated and linked to live and successful promotions working in the market today. We dig deep to find high-response, profitable examples to pass on to publishers who want to boost revenue.

Your client newsletter
This kind of client newsletter would increase business for subscriptions bureaux, printers, software suppliers, Internet service providers, autoresponder suppliers, content management system providers etc. etc.

If you would like to see an example of a newsletter we currently produce please contact me at and I will send one along.

Many of the UK’s ‘trusted brands’ use customer magazines to reinforce client relations and capture new business. The latest research shows 78% of successful companies such as Tesco, British Airways, Virgin and the AA publish a customer magazine as part of their communication strategy.

If your company supplies a service or product to publishers, why not increase the benefits you offer by sending them your own regular, personalised marketing newsletter?

There is no obligation – I’ll leave the matter with you. When you have discussed our proposal with your colleagues, just let me know if you wish to explore the idea further.

Peter Hobday
Managing Director
Subscriptions Strategy Ltd