Peter Hobday

Peter Hobday, the founder and managing director of Subscriptions Strategy, runs his own successful copywriting and publishing company – and so keeps up with what works in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

For a quote on subscriptions copywriting, strategy advice, email promotions, website copy, list building, subscriptions renewal marketing or any other aspect of revenue building, contact Peter using the email address below:

Send brief details of your project (in confidence) and we’ll send a ‘shopping list’ of ideas back. If you like them, get in touch to talk about building subscriptions.

Peter’s 30 years of experience spans more than 50 websites, newsletters and other publications, creating promotions and building subscriptions for: Under Five, Property Secrets, Right Start, Public Service Publications, Planned Savings, The Savings Market, Optimus Education, Insurance Age, Infrastructure Investor, the Grocer, Peak Performance, Running Magazine, Sports Injury Bulletin, Cannon EOS Magazine, New Start magazine, Endodontic Practice Magazine and Fitness.

Peter writes regular marketing columns in media magazines and other publications.

“Nobody knows more about the theory and practice of getting and keeping subscriptions than Peter Hobday. He’s the man.” Drayton Bird, Drayton Bird Direct

Peter Hobday’s clients include website publishers, magazines and newsletters, both large and small.

Peter currently focuses on the specialised field of Internet marketing and periodical publishing, and has helped pioneer some of the Internet’s first successful publishing business models.

Peter Hobday’s own publications include Right Start, Under Five magazine and the Subscriptions Strategy newsletter. He is the author of the Successful Subscriptions Marketing workbook, The Encyclopaedia of Subscriptions Marketing and The Secrets of Successful Copywriting.

“We’ve been using Peter Hobday as our main copywriter for several years now and he has helped us make our sports science list very profitable. We’re still using copy Peter wrote four years ago – and it works every time. Plus he consistently comes up with new ways to sell to our list.” Mark Edwards,
On-line Marketing Manager Electric Word plc

Peter Hobday holds eight Periodical Publisher’s Association and other industry awards for publishing and subscriptions promotions.