Membership marketing, paid content

Traditional subscriptions, membership marketing and copywriting is where we learned our craft. We create email promotions, direct mail packs, website promotions, advertisements, loose inserts, renewal and billing series, and manage programmes for converting your magazine and website to paid content.

This is a hard business because publishers’ marketing budgets are notoriously tight and we must work within strict financial limits. We take the same attitude with our own publications and websites and you can share this rare expertise (it’s actually more than rare — no other subscriptions consultant runs a busy publishing company).

Subscriptions to paid content
We explain how to boost your revenue by solving problems and attracting new long-term members. As publishers ourselves we understand the importance of a high Return On Investment and we put this hard-won methodology into practice building subscriptions and paid content for our clients.

Our creative techniques
Here are some of the techniques we have created and established for various companies, designed to:

Convert to paid content

Increase the number of visitors who sign up to your publication or website

Build revenue

Reduce costs

1. Getting commitment with two-stage promotions: offering free trials, reports and publications to capture visitors and then convert your prospects into profitable long-term members and buyers of paid content.

2. Boosting revenue: we have four major ways of driving up your revenue. (1) Our clever continuous authority payment techniques lift annual revenue and ensure high renewals and return customers (2) Our compelling copy convinces more customers to pay for content, and to pay more for your product (3) We know how to build your list of prospects faster. (4) We know how to lift your prices through careful testing. We explain more about these tactics below.

3. Winning incentives: learn how great incentives are invented and how they perform. We regularly create inexpensive and cost-free incentives for our clients’ products from existing content. We’ll show you how effective these are.

4. Copy that will double response: our copy often doubles the response that an in-house promotion achieves. After all, we are the sales experts!

Work out what extra bottom line revenue you will bring in if you increase the response by between 10% and 100%, which is what we achieve. You’ll see it’s not worth creating copy yourself.

If you don’t know the answers to all these questionable points, then you need us (or someone like us) to write your copy, and advise on strategic marketing and how to increase your paid content.

Whatever market you are in, we have either created a promotion for it, or can demonstrate how we will approach the task to your satisfaction. No promotion we have produced has ever been turned down, and most of them become the client’s control – the benchmark standard all future promotions are compared to.

5. Price testing: most companies don’t price test, so they don’t know what their product or publication is worth. ‘Testing what your market will bear’ is a fundamental rule of marketing and the way to introducing paid content.

Most of our clients weren’t using our proven techniques to increase profitability until we showed them how. That’s probably because this kind of test takes planning and is very easy to get wrong!

With our long-term history of testing we can show how to run a test on your own product or publication to increase profits and circulation. Don’t worry if you publish your ‘official’ prices in your magazine or on your website. We can always overcome whatever it is that is holding you back from this incredibly effective way of boosting profits for no extra outlay. And when the market gets tough, you’ll need all the revenue you can get. Paid content is an easy way forward for website and free magazine publishers

6. Direct debits and continuous credit card payments: we’ll show you how we increase renewable income with techniques that we use in many markets worldwide.

7. Upgrade offers: we create special reports and other products you can use to upgrade your members and subscribers – and increase the overall revenue you receive. Often this material is sitting, almost forgotten, in your office, just waiting for us to turn it into an ebook, printed report or another kind of paid content on your website.

Copywriting and marketing advice
If you would like a quote, contact me at Our clients are not just publishers; they include property investment consultants, debt advisors, software producers and charities. If you want more members or subscribers, need to introduce or increase your paid content, then contact me today.