Workshops and seminars for subscriptions marketing

Subscriptions Strategy runs marketing workshops and seminars. Workshops can be tailor-made for your market and held within your office or at an alternative venue.

It’s not easy to discover what is currently working and we can ensure your marketing team is brought right up-to-date. You can order a half-day, full day or two day subscriptions marketing and subscriptions copywriting workshop.

We’ve held very successful subscriptions workshops for print and web, so contact me for further details using the form at the end of this page.

Personal follow-up: keeping your team up to date
Following your workshop, I stay in touch with delegates to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest information, and to help with their assignments.

Some testimonials from our subscription marketing workshops
These testimonials have not been edited! They appear as written.
I have published below all feedback received from my last three subscriptions marketing workshops.

“Peter – Thanks for the subscriptions seminar last Monday. We all found it very useful and now have a long list of action points to address.
Yes, we would like you to create a new camera box insert leaflet for us. I will get back to you in the next few days with an incentive suggestion.
Robert Scott Publishing Limited

Thanks very much for that training session, I found it really interesting and helpful! I’ve attached my works in progress on a two-stage marketing campaign I’d be really grateful if you can offer me any feedback on this please!
Thanks again for the training session, it was really useful!
Many thanks
Helen Farmer
Optimus Publishing

Hi Peter,
Thanks for an inspired and inspiring session. I have enclosed a renewal letter that we will soon be sending out. Please let me know what you think. Inspired by your recommendations of going down new routes in copy writing, I have written a narrative piece as a promotion. The idea is stolen from another mailing campaign I saw but I guess that’s allowed in copy writing.
Best regards
Jacob Hein
Electric Word plc

Hi Peter,
I have included my attempt at writing an email. Thanks again for the session on Tuesday. It was really good.
Annemarie Kirk
Peak Performance

I found the session very useful and didn’t realise there was so much to learn. I hope we can work together again in the near future.
Carla Charlton
Lottery Monitor

“This seminar was extremely valuable to me and has more than repaid the time and money required. It has focused my mind on the importance of developing a subscription strategy, highlighted key elements of that strategy and it is certain that it will help me to sell a lot more subscriptions. The website module was an unexpected but extremely valuable element and comes at a key time in the development of our company web strategy. This will help not only to sell subscriptions but to make our website a more effective marketing tool.”
Kevin John, KB Design

“The course gave me the skills and techniques to devise an enticing direct mail letter and the confidence to try new marketing tactics. Selling subscriptions on the web gave practical advice on how to collect and use email addresses from our website to target potential new subscribers. We needed more time spent on our current marketing material including adverts, fliers and renewal forms.”
Angie Burke Resurgence magazine

“The atmosphere was perfect to get the creative juices flowing. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be able to write good copy first thing on a Monday morning! Coupled with a whole host of great networking contacts made, these last two days have been a Godsend. Thank you Peter!”
Louise Wincott, DHP

“An eye—opening insight into the techniques in creating winning copy to improve subscriptions figures. The website analysis was most interesting for me – it showed how marketing techniques on the site can turn huge traffic volumes into registered members and ultimately customers”
Ratnesh Shah, History Today

“ As someone who is opinionated and set in my ways, I found that my theories have been challenged by Peter and I will be implementing a few subscription tactics that I wouldn’t otherwise have done. I’d like to see more examples of how copy can be transferred to different mediums – letters to fliers to adverts. I’m not entirely convinced that a text heavy ad would look that great“
Peter Rees, Permanent Publishing

“ I enjoyed the time to step back and examine the processes required to produce a quality letter rather than the normal ‘something will do’ effort. The course highlighted the importance of copy writing skills – plus it was a good opportunity to discuss strategies other publishers have used and might develop in the future. One day in the afternoon session was rather too long and would rather spend more time on the online side of things which was rushed and crammed into the morning session on day two. Thanks for an enjoyable two days in a lovely location. I only wished we had more time before and after to make the most of the hotel and surrounding area”
Jim Peskett, Permanent Publishing

“This course has opened my eyes to the true potential for new and repeat subscriptions on all of our titles. The most beneficial aspects of the course have been the ‘structuring of a subscriptions letter’ and the ways to realize the potential of our website as a key marketing tool for selling subscriptions. The tips from a professional copywriter whose skills have been finely honed over years of testing and composing different strategies has enabled me to leap-frog much of the learning curve of subscriptions marketing”
Chris Banbury Permanent Publishing

“I found the course helped me to re-think about the basics behind writing good copy for any product, to step back from a product you know really well and think as the reader – not just the writer. Looking at ways to maximize subscribers through your website was really enlightening giving a lot of ideas and possibilities for my own website. Interesting to see how good copy works on the web and hear that research has been done to test what works well.”
Jo Hardern, Fleet Street Publications

“The advice about website development was particularly incisive and will ensure I maximise its potential. I also found the opportunity to interact with others on the course insightful and rewarding. I think that advice on preparation / identifying and relating to the target audience would have been helpful”
Matt Nesbitt, Oxfordshire Financial Publishing

“Over 20 years of marketing experience condensed into two days. A sure fire winner! Invaluable experience, fascinating insights into print and online marketing. The course made my brain hurt at times”
Colin James History Today.

“The subscriptions Wizard will be invaluable in saving time in putting together really effective subs promotions, The Internet session opened my eyes to the many simple things we should be doing to build our online subscriptions”.
Graeme Farnell, Heritage Development

Clarified the main issues involved,
Chris Morton

Very good. Focussed my mind on setting up a newsletter!
Peter Crooks

Very Informative!
Alan Blinkhorn
HG Publishing

Given me some good ideas. Workshop was excellent.
Dr Phil Hariram

Excellent information on marketing. Focussed my attention on headlines!
Jan Eaton

Has made me think of publications I have which could be marketed over six months. Also, I will look at newsletters Which I had previously been interested in. I enjoyed the group participation.
Martin Dawson
MD Marketing

Very valuable information. Inspiring.

Mark McKenzie

I enjoyed the workshop. It gave me a chance to test some ideas and get good feedback
A Ros, Tiscali

Gave me ‘hooks’ to use and how to set out a subscription newsletter. Congratulations, Peter, an extremely useful double session.
Dominic Valentine

Expanded my notions of what was possible with a potential new product.
Phil Young

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