Converting free to paid

Converting a free magazine to paid-for will transform the bottom line of any magazine, with massive gains in profit. However, this is a marketing process that requires the kind of careful testing and control we can provide.

(Which is why you probably haven’t done the conversion already)

You may have been thinking of doing this for years – many publishers have, but lack the marketing expertise to take the plunge.

We will send a report explaining how we would approach your conversion. That’s free.

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If you decide to go ahead, we create a strategy document detailing your publication’s requirements with recommendations on the procedures to follow. You receive examples of mail shots and reminder letters to send to readers.

The strategy document shows how to approach the conversion while minimising risks and maximising rewards. There are a couple of different ways to do a conversion, and each market requires an analysis and then careful testing to determine the way forward.

Once the test marketing is underway and we have the test data back, we then help you build new subscribers day-to-day. Here are some case histories:

· This specialist publisher turned a free title to the only paid-for magazine in its overcrowded market.

· This B2B publisher achieved a huge response to his mailing using our letter series and pricing strategy. The careful planning involved various tests and then a big conversion to turn the title into the market leader.

We can create and provide step-by-step procedures to convert readers to paying subscribers. Send a copy of your magazine with circulation details. We will then contact you about your personal report and a menu of charges. You may, by the way, be interested in our true story on Free to Paid in our Articles section.

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