Creating effective incentives

The team at Subscriptions Strategy will create incentives to help promote your subscriptions.

A good incentive can help by:

1. Multiplying the number of visitors who register on your website

2. Increasing the number of visitors who subscribe to your paid-for publication

3. Increasing revenue by selling the books instead of giving them away

There are a couple of examples below.

We produce books, reports, white papers and workbooks from your back issues, so no editorial costs are incurred. These products can also be sold to increase the lifetime value of your subscribers and other lists.

Why we do it better
We can usually produce books and incentives much faster than editorial staff. We come up with more appealing promotional titles and content because marketing and promotions is our business.

Included in the price is:

  1. The completed book in pdf format, ready to print and despatch or for your subscribers to download
  1. The email or other sales message to let your prospects know you have something special and exciting on offer
  1. The ‘special offer’ message box to go on your website to attract sign-ups to your newsletter

We can often turn around an effective free gift incentive in a day. Contact me using the form below for a quotation.


Many thanks

Peter Hobday

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