Why UK website publishers can't sell

Let's face it: UK website publishers cannot sell. That is why there are so many free sites -- it has all been some kind of controlled free magazine experiment that is now coming to an end.

Is any publisher making social media work?

Two years ago we asked the question: ‘Is any company making social media work? Is anyone making any money?’ We are still looking!

Capturing profitable leads

In selling, the quality of your leads is most important. Let’s take the process step-by-step and look at how some highly successful websites are capturing and converting customers … Then we show how Top Gear has lost its way.

Website marketing: the two big downsides!

If we accept that the purpose of marketing is to win and keep customers, then subscriptions and membership marketing answer the two big downsides to that aim, especially for new or expanding businesses …

How to ensure your new venture succeeds

The success of a website or other publishing venture is based on two things which should be, but are not a contradiction …

Subscriptions website business models - free special issues

Which are the successful website business models? This is a hot topic because so many publishers’ websites – probably most – are losing money. That is why we have produced a special bumper size issue to show what is currently working.

Retaining and renewing subscribers

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep subscribers past their first year. Publishers average renewal figures are usually overstated and disguise some highly volatile customers: on average, 46% of new subscribers lapse in the first year. Read how to solve the problem of customer retention..

Where subscription marketing goes wrong - part 2

Why do most publishers fail to offer any kind of on-going customer service? Only 30% of the top magazine websites actively encourage you to register. ..

Subscription site benchmark report

The first 100% research-based guide for subscription, membership and paid content sites. Discover what social media and marketing tactics are working as you learn about online subscription trends, best practices, pricing models and conversion rates across all kinds of markets.

Publishers and bank robbers

Willie Sutton, bankrobber
The saying ‘Go where the money is’ was invented by the American bank robber, Willie Sutton. It’s good, practical advice: the money is going to the internet. Sutton understood that effectiveness is an on-going process. That process is about selling subscriptions and memberships to prospects, for example, rather than a one-off product ..