So you think you understand your audience?

Does Cosmopolitan magazine understand?
In the TV series American Idol, thousands of young contestants audition to a tough panel of three judges. But although the show has a massive worldwide audience, do the producers have any real understanding of how to grow an audience? And for that matter, do the publishers of Cosmopolitan magazine or Mother and Baby?

Marketing budgets and freedom

Supposing you decide to commission and run a subscriptions campaign for a publication. You have decided that you want to grow (or sustain) circulation and there’s no better way.

Without going any further I can tell you now, before you begin, that you’ll FAIL. Now read this subscriptions marketing advice.

What's inside Subscriptions Strategy?

If you are interested in marketing and publishing, complete the form to receive the pdf version of Subscriptions Strategy, the ‘best practice’ resource for publishers. There is a full money-back guarantee.

Subscription coupons - how to close the sale

When you’re marketing subscriptions, the most difficult part of the publisher’s task is to ask for the order — to ‘close the sale’. This is what the coupon does. Here’s a template.

Mistakes That Will Kill Your Marketing: part two

Here are fourteen common marketing mistakes I most often come up against in periodical publishing:

Budgets – securing marketing investment

Disagreements can quickly develop about subscription marketing because those you are trying to convince often feel they know about marketing and can contribute their ideas.

Budgets: how to plan them

Publishers of consumer and business publications sometimes find their title outstripped by a competitor which piles on subscriptions at every opportunity,

Why is our subscriptions marketing so poor? Part 1

Audit Bureau of Circulation figures confirm that most publications have not shown much growth in paid subscriptions over the past ten years. Let’s examine the evidence, name the culprits and applaud the publishers who are leading the way

Early bird renewals generating cash

An early bird renewal offer will generate a large response with potentially large amounts of cash. The joy is that this extra cash flow can be timed to arrive whenever you want it to.

Cut-price marketing - outserts

If you bind or glue your insert to the base of the magazine front cover, you have created an outsert. An outsert is probably the most responsive in-magazine device there is.

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