How to be a perfect subscriptions marketer

Where do you get your advice? I see the main problem for successful marketing as amateurs doing-it-themselves. Perhaps they have picked something up from a marketing forum. Or from a promotion they have seen. Then they copy it. Oh dear!

This is no market for young people

Older marketers remember what a real recession is like. Youngsters haven’t a clue. The most valuable currency in marketing is experience.

Early bird renewals - handling careful spenders

The average reader knows little about how a publication makes its profit, and may object to paying early for something in order to make extra money for the publisher.

Subscriptions website business models - free special issues

Which are the successful website business models? This is a hot topic because so many publishers’ websites – probably most – are losing money. That is why we have produced a special bumper size issue to show what is currently working.

Subscriptions Strategy

The Subscriptions Strategy newsletter carries International case studies of the very best marketing for publishers around: for the Internet, newsletters, books, websites and magazines etc. Get instant access with 4 free special reports worth £132. Each report is packed with ‘best practice’ marketing techniques

Creating loose insert cards and leaflets

Most magazine loose insert cards don’t list the benefits a reader would get from reading the magazine it’s inserted in. This omission is common among magazine publishers, because they feel that as the reader has the magazine in his hands why tell him what’s in it? This is a common trap …

Come on Cosmo!

Cosmo free e-letter sign-ups have just jumped from 30,000 to 84,399. But it took them 11 months to send a subscription promotion out!

Dealing with brokers: how to rent lists

How do you choose a mailing list? How do you choose a list broker? What are the most important things to include in your checklist? Here are the answers

Poor subscription marketing can kill

Creating a direct mail pack, landing page and series of email promotions are all vital steps in subscriptions marketing. All other promotions follow – loose inserts, billing, upgrade and renewal series etc. To survive, they all need to be good.

Subscriptions renewal marketing: are you up to date?

Subscriptions renewals marketing is a specialised and vital business, but it exists in a kind of ‘publishers never-never land’.

It’s easy to see why subscriber renewals are left until it’s too late to achieve anything worthwhile – they are seen as a pension, forgotten until it’s time to collect. Big mistake!