Poor subscription marketing can kill

Creating a direct mail pack, landing page and series of email promotions are all vital steps in subscriptions marketing. All other promotions follow – loose inserts, billing, upgrade and renewal series etc. To survive, they all need to be good.

Subscriptions Strategy - direct publishing

The Subscriptions Strategy newsletter publishes International case studies of the very best marketing around: for the Internet, newsletters, books, websites and magazines etc. All have been tested in the marketplace and will boost revenue.

7 top ideas for marketing during a recession

In the USA, the recession is putting more pressure than ever on subscription conversions and renewals. Here is some advice from subscription marketing pros on strategies for tough economic times.

Subscriptions Strategy special offer

Extreme Marketing! —- raise your subscriptions marketing and grow circulation to a new level!

Drayton Bird on selling subscriptions

Having been in the industry for over forty years, Drayton Bird has seen at first hand the best, and worst, of subscriptions marketing. In 1982 he wrote Commonsense Direct Marketing, seen by many as THE industry textbook. Here he reviews his life in subs

The Expert Subscriptions Marketer

In this article you will learn about:

Marketing budgets and freedom

Supposing you decide to commission and run a subscriptions campaign for a publication. You have decided that you want to grow (or sustain) circulation and there’s no better way.

Without going any further I can tell you now, before you begin, that you’ll FAIL. Now read this subscriptions marketing advice.

Publishing and subscriptions marketing: 15 blunders

In his time in publishing Peter Hobday has worked with three people who understand how business works (rather than just publishing). Brian Gilbert, who ran United Trade Press and the Wilmington Group, Sylvester Stein of Electric Word and John Gommes of Chartsearch. They have chosen publishing but would be successful in any business because they understand the elemental workings of the marketplace. . .

Drayton Bird on UK publishers

“Selling subscriptions .. probably the hardest of direct mail tasks. It gives you a complete (often bruising) education which, with a little imagination, you can apply to just about anything.”

In Circulation magazine

We publishers are very lucky to have In Circulation magazine. The Editor, James Evelegh has managed to bring the whole circulation marketing and management community together, which must be one of the toughest tasks in business publishing.

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