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The man who invented the standing order, Sylvester Stein, made his fortune with a unique approach. He promoted his newsletters with an introductory half-price offer that was really a way of building in a price rise for the second year.

Upgrades - turning subscriptions into a goldmine part 2

Why upgrades are big business
For some consumer and business publishers ancillary products bring in far more revenue than subscriptions. One publication I work with pulls in a multiple of 4.5 times the subscription rate.

Upgrades - turning subscriptions into a goldmine - part 1

How upgrading was invented
A few clever publishers began to re-package editorial into books and reports and sell them at a far higher price than a £2.95 ‘back issue’.

Renewals, upgrades and extensions

As every good marketer knows, renewals are where a publisher makes his money. Here, in two steps, is how much money you make when you install a reasonably good renewal program.