Best practice marketing

Because most publishers now have an Internet presence, direct marketing has moved to the forefront of publishing.
Once, marketing was kept as a side-show to the editorial and advertising departments of most publishers – because copy and advertisement sales pulled in most of the revenue. That old-style publishing model is changing fast …

How publishing models will change

A good marketer makes business seem simple, but it’s a rare talent. The right way to do business does not often coincide with how a publishing company is run. Intelligent people make mistakes just as thick people do, only bigger because more people believe in them.

Online advertising - Haymarket and Google

Classified advertising, like marketing, is a backwater zone for most magazine publishers – its potential is neither fully understood nor exploited. Except by Haymarket ..

Press Gazette closes: no marketing

There is a lot of affection in publishing for what has always been known as the UK Press Gazette. More than one publisher thought he could buy-it-up-and-turn-it-around. Media magazines, like local newspapers have terminal problems

Publishing in a recession

Now that we are in a recession, what’s the best strategy for publishers and marketers? Here’s some subscription marketing advice we gave in the Subscriptions Strategy newsletter back in January 2008:

The Expert Subscriptions Marketer

In this article you will learn about:

Beware the intelligent media amateur

Here we have four intelligent media amateurs: Janet Street Porter, Peter Jay, Andrew Neil and Andreas Whittam Smith.

Experienced publishers succeed through drawing together a community of three elements: audience, advertisers and the product. These four show how difficult that can be.

Is yours a strategic marketing organisation?

When acquisitive chief executive Julian Turner of Electric Word assesses a publisher, one of the key measurements is its approach to marketing.

Why is The Week magazine so costly?

Everyone likes The Week magazine, especially us. The Week exists on subscription sales. The owner, Dennis Publishing is a marketing-led company which is rare in UK publishing: managers of UK publishers are generally rooted in print and find both subscriptions and Online marketing difficult to embrace.

What's inside Subscriptions Strategy?

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