Lies publishers tell themselves to avoid marketing

Business plans are easy. You set out your projected revenue and estimate the costs to deliver your product.

Publishers who put forward business plans without a marketing plan are usually rejected by company directors, seasoned investors, bankers, accountancy firms, other publishers and successful entrepreneurs. That is understandable. But why are most marketing plans flawed?

Grazia, Vogue - how they get that special look

Grazia not only had to make a splash in the world of the glossiest of the glossies, Vogue, but also establish a new publishing model for fashion weeklies in the UK. It had to look special and it had to look different. Grazia vs Vogue? I suppose you could call it Posh vs posh …

Why is your subscription rate so low? Part 2

A marketer must remain in touch with the nature and size of his market in order to set his price. He must set his price by regular sighting shots, otherwise he cannot have an accurate measure.

Launch marketing part 1

Today, a well-planned subscription title has a far safer business model than either a controlled-circulation or a newstrade publication.