Web journeys and Disneyland

Our website winner has reduced the web journey from home page to order page in just one click. Can’t get better than that. But what do we mean by one and two clicks? Surely almost every website has an order or subscribe button on the home page? Maybe, but that is nothing to do with an effective web journey.

Cut costs and minimise risk

If you are involved in marketing paid content, email marketing, website marketing, membership or subscription marketing, around half your effort will be in reducing costs and minimising risk. This advice is for you.

Not another paywall survey from PaidContent!?

I suppose with a name like paidContent.uk, you have to say something about The Times newspaper’s attempts to make their paywall profitable. But to take a survey?! This one is no use whatsoever. And they’ve even got their maths wrong!

Membership marketing, paywalls and the Times

This post looks at what is happening to the traditional publishing model, and how membership marketing is now the focus of so many companies using the Internet. Here’s a list of 16 great ways to monetise your on-line members, subscribers and prospects. For those who don’t believe Rupert Murdoch can make his Times and Sunday Times paywall work, read on…

Paid content and silly surveys

The number of paid-content surveys to date that we know of is eight. Eight silly surveys and a total waste of money. This kind of hypothetical ‘Would you pay?’ question isn’t suitable for a general survey and it isn’t really valid for any kind of discussion forum.

Why subscription marketing?

All the current hot discussions on website business models, paid content, converting free-to-paid magazines, charging for news audience development etc., come back to one thing: subscriptions marketing.

The Web Wars

Our ongoing qualitative survey of marketing budgets and policy among our 400 registered marketers is not statistically perfect. Responses are personal and mostly from the bigger publishers. But they reveal an underlying marketing problem – you can hear a whiff of desperation in the words.

Website business models

Some people believe all they need to do to sell a product is to put a description on the Internet and purchasers will send in money. These are the people who are now busy debating what kind of website model will cover their costs and earn back the money they squandered over the years.

Paid content: the end of free websites

Cost cutting and creativity do not have to be mutually exclusive: you can reduce costs creatively whilst increasing efficiency. The first rule is to go where the money is – and the money has moved from traditional media: advertising pages are dropping by up to 40% year on year. Paid content is the business model to examine.

Converting your free publication to paid - part 1

Profitability would be increased if you converted free readers to paid-for subscribers. However, you are unable to convert your readers because you don’t have the money for that kind of marketing. Or do you?