Zen subscriptions marketing

To the novice subscription marketer, there are many possibilities. To the expert, just one …

Online advertising - Haymarket and Google

Classified advertising, like marketing, is a backwater zone for most magazine publishers – its potential is neither fully understood nor exploited. Except by Haymarket ..

Autoresponders - how they work

An autoresponder is one of the most effective marketing tools a publisher can own. Combined with a series of free subscriber newsletters written to promote your products, you can build a stronger, more lasting relationship with your customers and increase your income too. It’s subscription marketing at it’s easiest.

7 top ideas for marketing during a recession

In the USA, the recession is putting more pressure than ever on subscription conversions and renewals. Here is some advice from subscription marketing pros on strategies for tough economic times.

Subscriptions Strategy special offer

Extreme Marketing! —- raise your subscriptions marketing and grow circulation to a new level!

Can you make money on eBay?

Building email lists fast

Here is a great example of how to combine long copy with ruthless email-capture techniques.

Fundraising by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama, US presidential candidate, has attracted much more funding than his opponent Hillary Clinton – around 23% more. How? By some basic online-marketing. His team uses the Internet to appeal to new and individual donors. It’s simple direct marketing at its best.

Fundraising with Obama

Over I go to Arkansas USA to talk to one of Barack Obama’s election volunteers. He tells me how wonderful Obama’s marketing is. Never mind all that – every Tom Dick and Harry can get that from newspapers and TV. What marketing tricks is Obama pulling?

What publishing and politics have in common

Look at political fundraising today and you’ll recognise a number of familiar publishing and direct marketing techniques. All current US Democratic and Republican candidates, for example, offer donors what we publishers call a Continuous Credit Card payment option (CCC).

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