Capturing profitable leads

In selling, the quality of your leads is most important. Let’s take the process step-by-step and look at how some highly successful websites are capturing and converting customers … Then we show how Top Gear has lost its way.

Accelerated direct marketing

Have the principles and rules that govern the process of direct marketing changed with the internet?

EADIM - how subscription marketing builds repeat business

Delegates to this year’s EADIM direct marketing conference loved the idea of using a free newsletter subscription to capture and convert visitors to their website. They wanted to build all those enquiries into paying customers.

When not to promote!

Any promotions you send out via direct mail or email at a busy news time will be ignored, as minds will be on the news item, not on your promotion. So when is the best time to promote?

Subscription site benchmark report

The first 100% research-based guide for subscription, membership and paid content sites. Discover what social media and marketing tactics are working as you learn about online subscription trends, best practices, pricing models and conversion rates across all kinds of markets.

Not another paywall survey from PaidContent!?

I suppose with a name like, you have to say something about The Times newspaper’s attempts to make their paywall profitable. But to take a survey?! This one is no use whatsoever. And they’ve even got their maths wrong!

Subscription marketing tips

Peter Hobday attends conferences and seminars for Subscriptions Strategy and lifts lots of subscription marketing tips. “The great thing about these events is the information you collect. But you have to talk to the right people and forget those speakers who are just there to entertain.”

Specialized information publishing

There are now many thousands of information publishing websites where once there were just a few – because, for most, the cost of entry into website publishing has dropped to almost zero. But most of these specialist information publishers lack the vital ingredient: marketing.

Without marketing, those information websites will simply wither and die. Even big publishers with established marketing departments are finding it tough to make money through their websites. But they keep their websites going through vanity.

Come on Cosmo!

Cosmo free e-letter sign-ups have just jumped from 30,000 to 84,399. But it took them 11 months to send a subscription promotion out!

Paid content: the end of free websites

Cost cutting and creativity do not have to be mutually exclusive: you can reduce costs creatively whilst increasing efficiency. The first rule is to go where the money is – and the money has moved from traditional media: advertising pages are dropping by up to 40% year on year. Paid content is the business model to examine.