Launching? Test, then kill it

Sounds negative? It’s not. Long-term research shows around four out of five launches will fail, so ‘test then kill’ is what an experienced marketer expects to do with the majority of his launch ideas.

Subscription marketing tips

Peter Hobday attends conferences and seminars for Subscriptions Strategy and lifts lots of subscription marketing tips. “The great thing about these events is the information you collect. But you have to talk to the right people and forget those speakers who are just there to entertain.”

Specialized information publishing

There are now many thousands of information publishing websites where once there were just a few – because, for most, the cost of entry into website publishing has dropped to almost zero. But most of these specialist information publishers lack the vital ingredient: marketing.

Without marketing, those information websites will simply wither and die. Even big publishers with established marketing departments are finding it tough to make money through their websites. But they keep their websites going through vanity.

Why is your subscription rate so low? Part 1

‘The value of a product is measured by how much someone is prepared to pay for it.’

Although most of us have will have heard that age-old maxim, it is, unfortunately, almost universally ignored by publishers.

The copywriter’s secret agenda - AA Gill and Michael Winner

The two top food and restaurant writers at the Sunday Times are AA Gill and Michael Winner. They are the paper’s star columnists. But what do these top writers actually write about? Read on to discover why copywriters and food critics have much in common ..