Are you selling your magazine like a cheap airline ticket?

Monthly consumer magazine sales are dropping 10% or more each year.

The big publishers respond by increasing cover prices by around 5% year on year. But it’s not working. Overall income continues to drop. Meanwhile newstrade wastage increases.

Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, House Beautiful, Esquire, Harpers Bazaar, Zest, She and other magazines are discounting up to 70%, selling their magazines like airline tickets. Falling sales is a problem for the marketers to solve. Unfortunately, their moves are sabotaged by bosses who ignore basic marketing principles.

How copywriters sell using fear and greed

Copywriter Peter Hobday creates ‘long letters’ to sell all kinds of stuff: books, newsletters, magazines and other products. So how do you motivate prospects to buy with a sixteen page letter? Who on earth will read it all? Well – you’ll be surprised..
This article explains how a well-crafted ‘long letter’ can get people to do almost anything – even, as Tony Blair discovered, send us to war

Subscriptions Strategy case studies

Here you’ll find in-depth analysis of effective publishing techniques from Subscriptions Strategy. Our illustrated case studies from publishers will increase your market share and build sales.

The Economist in the USA

Here are some interesting calculations on the kind of return on investment The Economist’s marketing blitz in the USA is likely to achieve (not very much).

Consumer magazine websites

Here’s an analysis of what the UK’s biggest-selling magazines are doing online. The analysis points to a clear conclusion – the bigger the market sector (in terms of magazine sales), the less the sector has developed its online offering.