Creating loose insert cards and leaflets

Most magazine loose insert cards don’t list the benefits a reader would get from reading the magazine it’s inserted in. This omission is common among magazine publishers, because they feel that as the reader has the magazine in his hands why tell him what’s in it? This is a common trap …

Subscription marketing: loose inserts

How to create highly responsive loose inserts with tips on how to: * Get a subscriber to ‘opt in’ with an email address * Up-sell your subscriber at conception * Use ‘Pretty Pricing’ to present your subscription rate * Decide how many cards to insert in a single issue* and more …

Is your loose insert intrusive?

We explain how to make a seemingly innocuous common-place card measuring 6×4 inches into an intrusive and effective builder of market share. This is subscriptions marketing advice at its best.

Loose insert marketing

Here’s a tough task: we will increase the revenue received from a typical loose insert without spending any more money. ..

Loose inserts - or how to move your marketing to a military level

Peter Hobday show why the leaflet, or loose insert, is the most versatile of all subscriptions marketing promotions. You can place an insert leaflet in other publications, send them through the mail with a covering letter, post them with third-party customer mailings or place them in strategic locations such as shops, exhibitions and other events.