Where subscription marketing goes wrong - part 2

Why do most publishers fail to offer any kind of on-going customer service? Only 30% of the top magazine websites actively encourage you to register. ..

Why aren't publishers marketing ?

What happens when you visit a main media website? Most won’t even bother to ask for your name and address. Even if you subscribe they are unlikely to try and sell you another product.

Publishers and bank robbers

Willie Sutton, bankrobber
The saying ‘Go where the money is’ was invented by the American bank robber, Willie Sutton. It’s good, practical advice: the money is going to the internet. Sutton understood that effectiveness is an on-going process. That process is about selling subscriptions and memberships to prospects, for example, rather than a one-off product ..

Your job description is probably phony!

Being revenue-orientated is top of the marketing remit, but is usually, for some strange reason, way down on the list on the job description – if it’s there at all. Here’s a recent job description I came across:

Subscription marketing response figures

The results of direct marketing promotions I have sent out recently are laid out here. ...

Subscriptions Marketing Best Practice

Our new Marketing Best Practice website covers each aspect of Internet marketing, email and online marketing and publishing, website marketing, magazine, newsletter, subscriptions and membership marketing, with illustrations showing how to apply each technique.

Paid content and silly surveys

The number of paid-content surveys to date that we know of is eight. Eight silly surveys and a total waste of money. This kind of hypothetical ‘Would you pay?’ question isn’t suitable for a general survey and it isn’t really valid for any kind of discussion forum.

University junk mail - claptrap, deceit and weasel words

Would you like to see an example of some of the most misleading but accomplished copywriting ever produced? It’s from Lincoln university and so full of claptrap, deceit and impossible-to-verify weasel-words they should be sued. Which is exactly what is happening ..

Best practice marketing

Because most publishers now have an Internet presence, direct marketing has moved to the forefront of publishing.
Once, marketing was kept as a side-show to the editorial and advertising departments of most publishers – because copy and advertisement sales pulled in most of the revenue. That old-style publishing model is changing fast …

How publishing models will change

A good marketer makes business seem simple, but it’s a rare talent. The right way to do business does not often coincide with how a publishing company is run. Intelligent people make mistakes just as thick people do, only bigger because more people believe in them.

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