How to be a perfect subscriptions marketer

Where do you get your advice? I see the main problem for successful marketing as amateurs doing-it-themselves. Perhaps they have picked something up from a marketing forum. Or from a promotion they have seen. Then they copy it. Oh dear!

Is any publisher making social media work?

Two years ago we asked the question: ‘Is any company making social media work? Is anyone making any money?’ We are still looking!

Solve the secret to marketing in 2012

Marketing is a discipline full of secrets. Secrets that take years to learn. And unless it finds a solution, a company will lose that knowledge when the key marketing person leaves (as they always seem to do).

How to ensure your new venture succeeds

The success of a website or other publishing venture is based on two things which should be, but are not a contradiction …

Accelerated direct marketing

Have the principles and rules that govern the process of direct marketing changed with the internet?

Peter Hobday

Peter Hobday, subscriptions copywriter and founder and managing director of Subscriptions Strategy, runs his own successful publishing company – and so keeps up with what works in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

EADIM - how subscription marketing builds repeat business

Delegates to this year’s EADIM direct marketing conference loved the idea of using a free newsletter subscription to capture and convert visitors to their website. They wanted to build all those enquiries into paying customers.

PPA Customer Direct awards: what a shame!

If the Periodical Publishers Association were awarding prizes for fiction, Julian Barnes wouldn’t have won. Sounds amazingly unfair, but it’s true. The PPA award would not have gone to the author, but to Jonathan Cape, the publisher.

What has the Economist got to do with fish?

If you don’t explain what’s special about your product, how
can you expect to attract long-term readers? How can you expect
them to pay a reasonable rate for a subscription? People pay for benefits and you should charge what your words are worth.

Is your MD a direct marketer?

Debates about the future of publishing rage on. But no one is confronting the major issue: today’s publishing MDs are no longer fit for purpose.