15 subscription marketing clichés and other crap

Here are some examples of the kind of copy clichés you’ll find in subscription marketing promotions – maybe on your desk at some point. The problem is that each could be used for almost any business promotion – and often are.

Please don’t use these for your publication!

7 most common copywriting mistakes

This is a great article from Marketing Experiments, showing some spectacular lifts in response to landing pages, buttons and copy.

Peter Hobday on copywriting

As a leading copywriter, it would be easy for me to sit here and write a nice long article about how good I am at my job. After all, making a product or service look really good is what copywriters do.

But I won’t because that is really up to others to decide.

So I thought I would put down a few quotes from clients. These are people who use Subscriptions Strategy for email promotions, website promotions, direct mail packs and training sessions etc. The quotes have not been doctored or cut!

How to get an expert to talk

You can’t Google the truth. Newspapers and websites are pretty useless for information. Most editorial pieces either miss crucial facts or are pre-manufactured. Opinion pieces are also mostly claptrap*. But as a copywriter and marketer, I find newspapers and the internet useful. How?

Email campaign too expensive?

“That’s way too much money to charge for an email campaign. It’s not hard to put a few graphics in an email.”

Subscription marketing: renewals

To give you an idea of the information we provide. I have just come across a subscriptions renewal form from AARP – that’s the American Association of Retired People. At first look the AARP appears to break a forbidden rule …

University junk mail - claptrap, deceit and weasel words

Would you like to see an example of some of the most misleading but accomplished copywriting ever produced? It’s from Lincoln university and so full of claptrap, deceit and impossible-to-verify weasel-words they should be sued. Which is exactly what is happening ..

Creating effective advertisements - part 3

How do you sell subscriptions when you have just a tiny space to sell it? This question taxes all copywriters when creating, say, a classified two-stage advertisement, or a promotion to go on a packet, or small leaflet. How do you cram a unique benefit into a few lines?

Creating effective advertisements- part 2

Most of the copy you see in an advertisement today describes the features that appear in the publication, so it’s not benefit driven.
Offering a benefit lifts response. Here’s a headline that worked very well …

Why copywriters must convey the truth

Frank Sinatra, Drayton Bird, David Ogilvy and Peter Hobday all agree: your words must be believed or they won’t sell much product

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