How new media confuses publishers

Today, publishing marketers are generally confused and misdirected by new technology. We see very little successful advertising around. Why is that?

How to promote yourself

How well do you communicate with other departments in your organisation? I’m not talking about social communications, but discussing your departmental business. Do you, like so many, keep what and how you do it a closely guarded secret?

How to raise your subscription rate

The area where the most expensive mistakes are made is the amount we charge for our products. It’s an easy calculation: if you overlook the opportunity to raise prices by, say, 20 per cent, you overlook a 20 per cent lift in profits. Disaster! Whatever your business, what and how you charge for your products is crucial to your success. Click here to learn how to avoid dead-ends – to move safely, test by test, towards higher profits.

Subscription marketing response figures

The results of direct marketing promotions I have sent out recently are laid out here. ...

What's bugging the subscriptions marketers?

The marketers I speak to always complain of the same two things ..

Budgets – securing marketing investment

Disagreements can quickly develop about subscription marketing because those you are trying to convince often feel they know about marketing and can contribute their ideas.

How to fail at subscriptions marketing

How many subscriptions do you want? Here, Peter Hobday explains why that is a trick question and reveals why most publishers find their subscription marketing just never seems to take off.