Why marketing rules, like the Kalashnikov, don't change

Can we simplify subscription marketing? It’s clever to be simple. A genius is able to simplify many complicated things, even circulation marketing. Here’s a lesson from Mikhail Kalashnikov

Creating classified ads

One of the most lucrative areas of publishing is classified advertising. It’s a place where you can see a thriving marketplace in action. It’s all there on the page – the successful traders and the advertisements that bring in their money. Very instructive.
For a copywriter, it’s also very lucrative …

The Economist in the USA

Here are some interesting calculations on the kind of return on investment The Economist’s marketing blitz in the USA is likely to achieve (not very much).

The Economist spends $500,000

The Economist carried out a multi-media marketing campaign in the USA. The campaign has been the subject of a great deal of head scratching among marketers who just cannot work out the maths.

There is little doubt The Economist stands to loose around half of the $500,000 they intend to spend on the promotion.

Pay Per Click advertisements - high paying key words

I liked this article about making money from Pay Per Click advertisements such as Google AdSense. There are now tens of thousands of new websites out there with the sole aim of attracting pay-per-click ads