Subscription coupons - how to close the sale

When you’re marketing subscriptions, the most difficult part of the publisher’s task is to ask for the order — to ‘close the sale’. This is what the coupon does. Here’s a template.

Copywriting - using testimonials

A lazy or inexperienced copywriter will often major on a tired concept such as “An excellent reference book….very useful for busy managers”. Here’s how to use testimonials to sell your product.

What does a copywriter like Peter Hobday do that you can't?

A copywriter has a hidden agenda: he or she is not writing about your publication but about your reader and what interests him. To show what I mean I have illustrated a promotion selling subscriptions to a sports training newsletter.

Direct mail coupons - 5 ways to boost response

Put these devices in your direct mail coupons to turn an average subscription marketing promotion into a star performer.

The copywriter’s secret agenda - AA Gill and Michael Winner

The two top food and restaurant writers at the Sunday Times are AA Gill and Michael Winner. They are the paper’s star columnists. But what do these top writers actually write about? Read on to discover why copywriters and food critics have much in common ..

Website copywriters

Once-upon-a-time, a company would ask a copywriter to produce a direct mail pack and then send it out to people on a list. That’s the kind of mail you receive from the likes of Reader’s Digest magazine.

Copywriting – how to write a gripping letter

A well-crafted sales letter or marketing letter can have an extraordinary result. This is why copywriters are paid so much for their work – far more, for example, than famous fiction authors.