How new media confuses publishers

Today, publishing marketers are generally confused and misdirected by new technology. We see very little successful advertising around. Why is that?

Why you probably can't write good copy

Although you probably know your product better than almost anyone, how many times have you gone out and bought as a customer? Probably never.

Solve the secret to marketing in 2012

Marketing is a discipline full of secrets. Secrets that take years to learn. And unless it finds a solution, a company will lose that knowledge when the key marketing person leaves (as they always seem to do).

Subscriptions Strategy

The Subscriptions Strategy newsletter carries International case studies of the very best marketing for publishers around: for the Internet, newsletters, books, websites and magazines etc. Get instant access with 4 free special reports worth £132. Each report is packed with ‘best practice’ marketing techniques

Peter Hobday on copywriting

As a leading copywriter, it would be easy for me to sit here and write a nice long article about how good I am at my job. After all, making a product or service look really good is what copywriters do.

But I won’t because that is really up to others to decide.

So I thought I would put down a few quotes from clients. These are people who use Subscriptions Strategy for email promotions, website promotions, direct mail packs and training sessions etc. The quotes have not been doctored or cut!

Retaining and renewing subscribers

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep subscribers past their first year. Publishers average renewal figures are usually overstated and disguise some highly volatile customers: on average, 46% of new subscribers lapse in the first year. Read how to solve the problem of customer retention..

Subscription Marketing Workbook

Our new workbook makes subscriptions marketing easy!
You receive 12 chapters of illustrated case studies and expert advice on maximising response, revenue and subscriber retention. Available as USB flash drive, hard-bound copy and in pdf format.

Subscriptions marketing vacancies

Broadcast your subscription marketing jobs, magazine publishing and marketing vacancies, publishing marketing jobs and other publisher vacancies here: all free of charge.

Subscriptions Marketing Best Practice

Our new Marketing Best Practice website covers each aspect of Internet marketing, email and online marketing and publishing, website marketing, magazine, newsletter, subscriptions and membership marketing, with illustrations showing how to apply each technique.

Why subscription marketing?

All the current hot discussions on website business models, paid content, converting free-to-paid magazines, charging for news audience development etc., come back to one thing: subscriptions marketing.