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How to get an expert to talk

You can’t Google the truth. Newspapers and websites are pretty useless for information. Most editorial pieces either miss crucial facts or are pre-manufactured. Opinion pieces are also mostly claptrap*. But as a copywriter and marketer, I find newspapers and the internet useful. How?

Do you send out free copies?

Have you ever tried sending out a mailing containing a free copy of your publication with an invitation to subscribe? What was the response like? Probably lousy. No matter how good your magazine is, few ordered a subscription.

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Should a writer be paid more than a car mechanic?

This song is for all you car-owning copywriters who have ever had to pay a garage mechanic more than you charge for copy.

How to avoid writing a poor sales letter

If you want to see how easy it is to create a poor sales letter, here is one from Esquire, with six pointers so you can spot one yourself. There is also a link to see bad copy in action ..

Confidential: the best and worst in subscriptions marketing

Register now for access to our confidential area where you can download example mailings that are working now, both via the internet and direct mail.

How to write an effective sales letter

The new Wizardwordz© Sales Letter Wizard is an easy-to-use piece of software that shows you how to create professional direct marketing sales letters in 12 steps

Testing the new Sales Letter Wizard

When Drayton Bird asked to test-drive our new Sales Letter Wizard, I was very pleased. Drayton is the UK’s leading copywriter and direct marketer and author of the biggest-selling books on the subject.