How much does a subscriptions copywriter cost?

A subscriptions marketing copywriter delivers far more than just copy. It’s a sales job. ‘Subscriptions copywriting’ can include techniques for all kinds of profit building and cost reduction ..

Is your MD a direct marketer?

Debates about the future of publishing rage on. But no one is confronting the major issue: today’s publishing MDs are no longer fit for purpose.

How to promote yourself

How well do you communicate with other departments in your organisation? I’m not talking about social communications, but discussing your departmental business. Do you, like so many, keep what and how you do it a closely guarded secret?

Why aren't publishers marketing ?

What happens when you visit a main media website? Most won’t even bother to ask for your name and address. Even if you subscribe they are unlikely to try and sell you another product.

Lies publishers tell themselves to avoid marketing

Business plans are easy. You set out your projected revenue and estimate the costs to deliver your product.

Publishers who put forward business plans without a marketing plan are usually rejected by company directors, seasoned investors, bankers, accountancy firms, other publishers and successful entrepreneurs. That is understandable. But why are most marketing plans flawed?

Launching? Test, then kill it

Sounds negative? It’s not. Long-term research shows around four out of five launches will fail, so ‘test then kill’ is what an experienced marketer expects to do with the majority of his launch ideas.

Consultant marketing advisor wanted

The Subscriptions Strategy newsletter and website is the UKs major source of marketing information and advice for publishers. We are currently looking for a marketer to join our panel of editorial contributors.

What's bugging the subscriptions marketers?

The marketers I speak to always complain of the same two things ..

Media Week closes - no classified advertising

The original idea for Media Week was being touted around to prospective investors around 1981. The idea was to achieve a broad advertising base to take on The Guardian. But something went badly wrong …

Google - just another publisher

When publishers discuss Google, they are mostly concerned with search engine optimisation and copyright issues. They see Google as a way of distributing and publicising their web offerings, or as a competitor. Those publishers are missing the point.