This is no market for young people

Older marketers remember what a real recession is like. Youngsters haven’t a clue. The most valuable currency in marketing is experience.

Converting your free publication to paid - part 1

Profitability would be increased if you converted free readers to paid-for subscribers. However, you are unable to convert your readers because you don’t have the money for that kind of marketing. Or do you?

Creating effective advertisements - part 1

Selling subscriptions is said to be the hardest of direct marketing tasks. If this is so, then creating an off-the-page magazine marketing advertisement must be the hardest way to sell subscriptions.

Creating effective incentives

The team at Subscriptions Strategy will create incentives to help promote your subscriptions.

We produce books, reports, white papers and workbooks from your back issues, so no editorial costs are incurred. These products can also be sold to increase the lifetime value of your subscribers and other lists.

Converting your free publication to paid - part 2

All publishers I know who have decided to convert readers have succeeded. As with most direct marketing processes, the downside is manageable.

Warfare Marketing: lessons from General George S Patton

U S Army photo

General George S Patton is widely considered the best field commander of World War II and was certainly the officer most feared by the Germans. His success was based on rapid offensive action and an understanding of how people react in the field. Patton’s principles of warfare can be – and are – applied to great effect in marketing today.

Loose insert marketing

Here’s a tough task: we will increase the revenue received from a typical loose insert without spending any more money. ..

Why is The Week magazine so costly?

Everyone likes The Week magazine, especially us. The Week exists on subscription sales. The owner, Dennis Publishing is a marketing-led company which is rare in UK publishing: managers of UK publishers are generally rooted in print and find both subscriptions and Online marketing difficult to embrace.

Grazia, Vogue - how they get that special look

Grazia not only had to make a splash in the world of the glossiest of the glossies, Vogue, but also establish a new publishing model for fashion weeklies in the UK. It had to look special and it had to look different. Grazia vs Vogue? I suppose you could call it Posh vs posh …

Should editors be marketers too?

Stacy Morrison, editor of Redbook is helping readers ‘protect’ their children from her articles about sex.

But believe me, the average teenager needs no such ‘protection’. This is all about protecting embarrassed parents.