Stockmarket Confidential press ad

This page advertisement ran in the 1980s, bringing in thousands of new subscribers for the Stockmarket Confidential newsletter, published by Stonehart Publishing.

Why UK website publishers can't sell

Let's face it: UK website publishers cannot sell. That is why there are so many free sites -- it has all been some kind of controlled free magazine experiment that is now coming to an end.

Why you probably can't write good copy

Although you probably know your product better than almost anyone, how many times have you gone out and bought as a customer? Probably never.

Free Subscriptions Copywriter book!

What makes a good subscriptions copywriter? How do you distinguish bad copy from good? How can you lift website sales from mediocre to highly profitable? Click on the headline above and download our free book today!

How much does a subscriptions copywriter cost?

A subscriptions marketing copywriter delivers far more than just copy. It’s a sales job. ‘Subscriptions copywriting’ can include techniques for all kinds of profit building and cost reduction ..

Website marketing: the two big downsides!

If we accept that the purpose of marketing is to win and keep customers, then subscriptions and membership marketing answer the two big downsides to that aim, especially for new or expanding businesses …

Peter Hobday

Peter Hobday, subscriptions copywriter and founder and managing director of Subscriptions Strategy, runs his own successful publishing company – and so keeps up with what works in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

PPA Customer Direct awards: what a shame!

If the Periodical Publishers Association were awarding prizes for fiction, Julian Barnes wouldn’t have won. Sounds amazingly unfair, but it’s true. The PPA award would not have gone to the author, but to Jonathan Cape, the publisher.

Renewals: upgrading your subscribers

The best subscription renewal series start when the subscriber first comes aboard. Here is a label carrier we created to go out to first time subscribers.

What has the Economist got to do with fish?

If you don’t explain what’s special about your product, how
can you expect to attract long-term readers? How can you expect
them to pay a reasonable rate for a subscription? People pay for benefits and you should charge what your words are worth.