Subscription marketing: advertisements

Learn how to create powerful off-the-page advertisements, with articles on how to administer financial ‘rules-of-thumb’, create hot headlines, avoid 7 common headline pitfalls, ensure visual appeal, use 9 effective illustrations and more …

7 most common copywriting mistakes

This is a great article from Marketing Experiments, showing some spectacular lifts in response to landing pages, buttons and copy.

Subscription marketing: loose inserts

How to create highly responsive loose inserts with tips on how to: * Get a subscriber to ‘opt in’ with an email address * Up-sell your subscriber at conception * Use ‘Pretty Pricing’ to present your subscription rate * Decide how many cards to insert in a single issue* and more …

Subscription Marketing Workbook

Our new workbook makes subscriptions marketing easy!
You receive 12 chapters of illustrated case studies and expert advice on maximising response, revenue and subscriber retention. Available as USB flash drive, hard-bound copy and in pdf format.

Consultant marketing advisor wanted

The Subscriptions Strategy newsletter and website is the UKs major source of marketing information and advice for publishers. We are currently looking for a marketer to join our panel of editorial contributors.

Your job description is probably phony!

Being revenue-orientated is top of the marketing remit, but is usually, for some strange reason, way down on the list on the job description – if it’s there at all. Here’s a recent job description I came across:

Text link vs button

Do buttons get clicked more than text links? Here’s a case study carried out by Aweber, providers of autoresponder services to website owners. The test shows just the sort of information you can learn about your email marketing campaigns by conducting split tests.

Discount marketing goes nowhere!

Yes, discount marketing goes nowhere! The major magazine brands have, alas, been giving discounts and free trials for years, through the biggest and longest boom period in the UK’s history. Now they are stuck in their own quagmire!

Media Week closes - no classified advertising

The original idea for Media Week was being touted around to prospective investors around 1981. The idea was to achieve a broad advertising base to take on The Guardian. But something went badly wrong …

Subscriptions Strategy - direct publishing

The Subscriptions Strategy newsletter publishes International case studies of the very best marketing around: for the Internet, newsletters, books, websites and magazines etc. All have been tested in the marketplace and will boost revenue.