15 subscription marketing clichés and other crap

Here are some examples of the kind of copy clichés you’ll find in subscription marketing promotions – maybe on your desk at some point. The problem is that each could be used for almost any business promotion – and often are.

Please don’t use these for your publication!

How Dell double charge for delivery

Here’s a funny exchange with the Dell sales department chat line about how Dell double charges for delivery. For those lucky enough not to have Dell printers, congratulations! See how Dell manage to ‘bump’ up the delivery charges when the order is at the basket stage. When contacted, Dell call this a ‘technical error’.

Discount marketing goes nowhere!

Yes, discount marketing goes nowhere! The major magazine brands have, alas, been giving discounts and free trials for years, through the biggest and longest boom period in the UK’s history. Now they are stuck in their own quagmire!

Press Gazette closes: no marketing

There is a lot of affection in publishing for what has always been known as the UK Press Gazette. More than one publisher thought he could buy-it-up-and-turn-it-around. Media magazines, like local newspapers have terminal problems

Copywriting - using testimonials

A lazy or inexperienced copywriter will often major on a tired concept such as “An excellent reference book….very useful for busy managers”. Here’s how to use testimonials to sell your product.

How to avoid writing a poor sales letter

If you want to see how easy it is to create a poor sales letter, here is one from Esquire, with six pointers so you can spot one yourself. There is also a link to see bad copy in action ..

Bad Copy from Broadsystem

Caroline Worboys, CEO of Broadsystem may work for a great company – but can their clients understand them?