Stockmarket Confidential press ad

This page advertisement ran in the 1980s, bringing in thousands of new subscribers for the Stockmarket Confidential newsletter, published by Stonehart Publishing.

Subscription marketing: advertisements

Learn how to create powerful off-the-page advertisements, with articles on how to administer financial ‘rules-of-thumb’, create hot headlines, avoid 7 common headline pitfalls, ensure visual appeal, use 9 effective illustrations and more …

When not to promote!

Any promotions you send out via direct mail or email at a busy news time will be ignored, as minds will be on the news item, not on your promotion. So when is the best time to promote?

How Dell double charge for delivery

Here’s a funny exchange with the Dell sales department chat line about how Dell double charges for delivery. For those lucky enough not to have Dell printers, congratulations! See how Dell manage to ‘bump’ up the delivery charges when the order is at the basket stage. When contacted, Dell call this a ‘technical error’.

Stockmarket Confidential advertisement

The man who invented the standing order, Sylvester Stein, made his fortune with a unique approach. He promoted his newsletters with an introductory half-price offer that was really a way of building in a price rise for the second year.

Google - just another publisher

When publishers discuss Google, they are mostly concerned with search engine optimisation and copyright issues. They see Google as a way of distributing and publicising their web offerings, or as a competitor. Those publishers are missing the point.

Creating effective advertisements - part 3

How do you sell subscriptions when you have just a tiny space to sell it? This question taxes all copywriters when creating, say, a classified two-stage advertisement, or a promotion to go on a packet, or small leaflet. How do you cram a unique benefit into a few lines?

Creating effective advertisements- part 2

Most of the copy you see in an advertisement today describes the features that appear in the publication, so it’s not benefit driven.
Offering a benefit lifts response. Here’s a headline that worked very well …

Creating effective advertisements - part 1

Selling subscriptions is said to be the hardest of direct marketing tasks. If this is so, then creating an off-the-page magazine marketing advertisement must be the hardest way to sell subscriptions.

eBay and your neighbour