What does a copywriter like Peter Hobday do that you can't?

A copywriter has a hidden agenda: he or she is not writing about your publication but about your reader and what interests him. To show what I mean I have illustrated a promotion selling subscriptions to a sports training newsletter. There is very little about the publication. The title isn’t even mentioned.

This is one of the newsletter’s best performing promotions. It is a classic ‘long letter’ and you can see the entire creation by clicking to the link below:

Peak Performance promotion

The name of the publication isn’t mentioned until way down the second page. The editorial contents aren’t listed anywhere at all in the six page letter.

Supposing the copy you pay for doesn’t work?
Copywriting is the art of selling by writing. But there is much more to that than just words. The reason most publishers don’t commission professional copy is because they worry it won’t get results and all their money will be wasted.

But if you are commissioning a subscriptions letter, then the copywriter must be able to predict what revenue will come in and how many of those new subscribers will renew. That target should be part of his brief because like any business person you are looking for long-term profits.

Only an experienced copywriter can achieve this. Although your editors and marketers may be able to write workable copy, they either won’t like doing it, or they won’t be very good at it. Even a fairly good piece from an enthusiastic marketing person will only pull around half the response produced by a professional promotion.

Creative copywriting
If you are interested in creative copy writing, go to the wizardwordz.com website. You will find software that guides you through the often time-consuming and involved process of producing an effective sales letter:

Sales Letter Software