Website marketing: the two big downsides!

How subscriptions and membership copywriting builds repeat business

If we accept that the purpose of marketing is to win and keep customers, then subscriptions and membership marketing answer the two big downsides to that aim, especially for new or expanding businesses:

1. People won’t buy your product

2. Customers won’t come back

How does subscriptions and membership marketing help a business prosper?

1. The Internet is a highly effective way of building a prospect, membership or subscriber list

2. Membership marketing is a proven way to profitability

3. ‘Renewability’ makes subscriptions marketing the most effective way of building repeat business.

Publishers were first with subscriptions marketing
While publishers were early adopters of the membership or subscription business model, many other industries now use subscriptions marketing, either free or paid for.

Examples include investment and finance, property, charities, software, telecoms, expert advice, online gaming, music, video and TV.

Why the customer won’t buy your product
Why should a customer buy your product? He doesn’t know you, he doesn’t know your company.

Sending out free bulletins, reports and news articles helps build confidence before you ask your prospects for money. Yet most websites do not build and qualify prospects in this way.

More than 50 years ago, McGraw-Hill created a business advertisement that explained why your potential customers are not predisposed to accept what you have to say at face value. With the Internet, that problem has become far worse.

Now, what was it you wanted to sell me?

Problem: websites cost little! A company – or a rogue – can now present a classy website to the public. He no longer needs big budgets: colour brochures, advertising in press and broadcast media, PR, retail outlets, sales reps etc.

The cost of entry to the Internet is around £800 for a good looking website. If you are clever, you can do it yourself for a lot less.

Unfortunately, the public knows that a good looking website does not need the backing of a serious organisation.

Mental block: a free subscription or report is a way of removing the mental blocks to most purchases: either your prospect isn’t in a buying mood, or he doesn’t know your company.

Building trust: your customer may be interested in learning more about what you are offering. And that is where subscriptions marketing comes in. Trust can be built and all those tough questions can be answered.

Wanting more: a free subscription is the easy way to build profitable, repeat business. You give stuff away, but you leave people wanting more ..

We can create reports, white papers and other incentives at a low cost from material you already have – perfect for building confidence and qualifying new leads!

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