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Once-upon-a-time, a company would ask a copywriter to produce a direct mail pack and then send it out to people on a list. That’s the kind of mail you receive from the likes of Reader’s Digest magazine.

Subscriptions marketing is a specialist task and these people were paid lots of money. Then things changed:

Big change number 1: the first big change is that since internet marketing became profitable, most marketing-orientated companies have created websites. There are millions of them. These are not just for publishers, but all kinds of service and product companies. And they all need copy. The better the copy they put on their website, the better their financial performance.

Big change number 2: the second big change came about when companies discovered they could collect thousands more names if they offered a free ezine, ereport or enewsletter. The format is usually the same: the ezine is made up of long sales copy with links to products for sale on the company website. The link usually goes right to the order form. The ezine is sent out regularly to the list, usually using an automated email despatch provider such as Aweber or Constant Contact.

What do these two big changes mean to us copywriters? Plenty. These website marketers need pages and pages of copy every week, because their ezines and other promotions go out daily, weekly, and every other variable.

What do these changes mean to companies and their websites? You need to form a long term relationship with a good copywriter because we are all far too busy to take on new short-term clients. So please accept my apologies if you phone and I am not at my desk. Being elusive is the only way to finish off my current work load.

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Peter Hobday
Subscriptions Strategy

If you go to the website, they have softeware that guides you to producing effective copy:

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