Text link vs button

Do buttons get clicked more than text links?

Here’s a case study carried out by Aweber, providers of email marketing software such as autoresponder services.

Aweber created the button shown above and ran it against a simple text version: read more >>

The test shows just the sort of information you can learn about your email marketing campaigns by conducting split tests.

The split test replaced the text links used to drive people to the Aweber blog with the button.

Previous testing on the website had shown that in many cases, buttons make better calls to action than text links do. So the same might hold true for email.

So, Aweber created a button-shaped image with the words “Read More” stamped on it:

They then created A/B split tests for blog broadcasts, inserted this image into one version as the call to action (to read the full post on the blog) and continued to use text links in the other version as they had before.

The emails were otherwise identical — with subject lines, sending dates/times and templates the same for each version.

Here are the surprising results of the test:

Text link vs designer button

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