Subscription marketing: renewals

The information on this website is free. We have three levels of information we give out, and this website information is included in the first category below:

I will give you an idea of the information we provide. I have just come across a renewal form from AARP – that’s the American Association of Retired People. At first look the AARP appears to break a forbidden rule when marketing renewals:

‘Never offer a discount within your subscriptions renewal series’

Here is the AARP’s headline from their renewal letter:

‘Special Offer – Reduced rates when you renew today’

But what the AARP marketers are doing is very clever – signing up 5 and 3 year memberships as well as the standard one year membership. How do they do this without breaking the golden rule?

Well, I don’t post this kind of creative marketing information on the website because it falls into the ‘subscriptions reports and newsletter’ paid-for information category.

Or if you would like me to do some copywriting to adapt the tactic to bring in multiple-year subscriptions for your website, portal or publication, that would come under the ‘subscription renewals consultancy’ category, paid by the day (or half day). That kind of creative work costs more because your publishing company makes lots more publishing profits. And you can’t get that for free.

But on this occasion, I will break my own ‘golden rule’ and send you a scan of this excellent piece of creative subscriptions renewal work. Contact me to get your pdf at:

There is no obligation. I will leave any follow-up to you.

The AARP is one of the largest membership organizations in the United States with more than 40 million members. The AARP’s marketing budget is also one of the largest in the USA and their subscriptions renewal methods are exhaustively tested before rolling out to their general membership.

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