Solve the secret to marketing in 2012

Marketing is a discipline full of secrets. Secrets that take years to learn. And unless it finds a solution, a company will lose that knowledge when the key marketing person leaves (as they always seem to do).

Other departments are not the same. Advertisement and affiliate sales, editorial, website design and production etc, are not as vulnerable.

When an editor leaves, a new face brings new ideas, a fresh set of contributors and perhaps a more modern look.

The same with an Ad manager: a new approach to advertising partners brings in new clients. And website technicians are now easily replaceable.

The secrets of good editorship, advertising sales and SEO are few. Advertise for any of these jobs and you will be inundated with applications.

The hidden subscriptions marketing experts
Subscriptions marketing, however, is a hidden, tactical persuit, with few exponents. Google the term ‘subscriptions marketing expert’ and you’ll find most of the first page entries are for us, Subscriptions Strategy.

Marketing expertise is complicated and the lessons are learned hard. When a marketing expert leaves he takes with him many of the secrets of success and failure he learned at the company’s expense.

But there is simple solution to the problem.

Ensuring success on the marketing battlefield
Good marketing people are soldiers. Every time they organise a promotion they enter a dangerous, destructive world. They win or lose by results every day.

It takes many sorties along the promotions road to discover where profits lie, which promotions bring the best return on investment – and which will heap destruction on your budget.

And marketing minefields are never cleared. Marketing budgets never safe.

As with a lawyer or tax advisor, the best way to secure a permanent route to success is an outside expert you can call on whenever you need advice on tactics – the best and cheapest way forward. Building and maintaining market leadership is a long-term task and most companies give up. That is why subscription numbers seem to stagnate at a low level.

Outside expertise actually works out a whole lot cheaper than the alternative because he or she never deserts, dies or diverts from the job at hand.

Remember, in our business, nothing is new. It’s just hidden, lost or forgotten.

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