Renewals: upgrading your subscribers

The best renewal series start when the subscriber first comes aboard. Below is a link to a label carrier we created to go out to subscribers.

This ‘early-bird’ effort is designed to upgrade and extend the subscriber. Current upgrade techniques can lift average subscriber revenue by between 50 and 150 %.

Subscription renewals

Simply by creating a state-of-the-art renewal series you can boost subscriber revenue by:

1. Increasing the percentage who convert into second and third year subscribers

2. Increase subscribers who take up a direct debit option

3. Sell all kinds of ancillary products in the knowledge that the subscriber will probably welcome more of what he or she has already bought

Click on the link below to see our subscription renewal invention. The format can be changed to fit your market. The label carrier can be used also as a leaflet, loose insert or attached to a publisher’s ‘lift letter’.

The label carrier has the subscriber’s name and address merged into the address box in the usual way.

This carrier is just one in a series of subscription renewal efforts we can create for your title. Contact us for a quotation at

Example renewal carrier

Peter Hobday
Subscriptions Strategy Ltd