How to ensure your new venture succeeds

The success of a website or other publishing venture is based on two things which should be, but are not a contradiction:

1. You must have doubts

2. You need confidence

You need enough doubt to accept that there are many ways to set up your venture to fail, but just one way to guarantee success.

And you need confidence that your target audience will like and want your product. Good marketing has both of these things. It enables you to measure your success before you launch.

This isn’t cutting edge technique or anything new. It’s just good marketing and good business. But ours is the kind of business that attracts all kinds of do-it-yourself enthusiasts who end up disenchanted with the progress of their website or publication.

What you need to get right – eight examples
Get things slightly wrong, for example – the colour, copy or layout – and you’ll fail to maximise visitors, conversions or revenue.

Here are eight places where errors are most often made:

*Email capture boxes

*Regular editorial contact

*Regular email promotion messages

*Sales copy

*Landing page copy

*Home page copy


*Regular upsell and upgrade promotions

It’s not difficult to get all these things right. It’s just that very few people do it.

Peter Hobday
Subscriptions Strategy Ltd

“If you’re serious about marketing you need to keep up with best practice techniques.”

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