How Dell double charge for delivery

Here’s a funny exchange with the Dell sales department chat line about how Dell double charges for delivery.

For those lucky enough not to have Dell printers, congratulations! See how Dell manage to ‘bump’ up the delivery charges when the order is at the basket stage. When contacted, Dell call this a ‘technical error’.

This Dell chat line exchange is about ink cartridges, so it’s about adding six or seven percent extra to the headline price. Dell do this for all kinds of higher price products too, as you will see if you Google Dell delivery charges.

Here’s how the chat with the Dell sales department goes:

Me: Hi – I am ordering Dell ink cartridges which ‘include vat and shipping’. But at the ‘my basket’ stage you added ‘delivery charge £2.55’. That isn’t right!

Dell Chat: You are now being connected to an agent. Thank you for using Dell Chat

I apologise for the Inconvenience caused Peter. You need to add the Delivery charge to the price listed on the web site

But the price listed on the Dell website says ‘Including VAT and Shipping’ so you cannot add it again

There is a technical error online. The price is excluding Delivery

That isn’t a ‘technical error’ it’s misrepresentation! Dell are charging twice for delivery!

I am afraid no Peter. This is a Technical error and you need to pay the delivery charge

When will you fix that error? What is Dell’s estimated date or time for fixing it?

I will send your feed back to the concerned department: It would be rectified very soon Peter. May be in the next Couple of hours

I will monitor this. Meanwhile can you refund the money. It comes to £2.55

You haven’t paid anything extra Peter. You have paid the actual price of the ink including vat and delivery

Dell have made an error, as you agree. So you should correct it.

I would advise you to please contact our customer care department and check with them. Please call 0844 444 4712.

Can you do that? All it needs is a refund, not a diversion.

You can also contact our customer care department by e mail Peter

What is the email address? Yours is the one on your Dell website Please write an e mail to this e mail address

Is that on your ‘Contact us’ page? Can’t see it anywhere!

You will find it on the Support web page Peter

So what department are you in?

This is the sales department Peter

End of message