EADIM - how subscription marketing builds repeat business

European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing

I was the final speaker at the European Academy of Direct and Interactive Marketing – EADIM – conference in London.

My topic was ‘How subscriptions marketing can build profitable, repeat business’.

Although I had the ‘graveyard shift’ on the final day, it was clear the Eadim delegates were wide awake and very interested — I was thrown many questions both during and after the presentation.

At lunch, the delegates were asked “What is the main lesson you will take back from the conference?”

Each delegate at the Eadim conference gave a similar answer: they loved the idea of using a free newsletter subscription to capture and convert visitors to their website. They wanted to build all those visitors and enquiries into paying customers.

All they needed, it appeared, were some ideas for newsletter content.

Subscription and membership marketing websites
The delegates were from all kinds of business areas, consultants, all kinds of websites, car hire, finance etc. They could see the enormous possibilities a subscription and membership website would deliver.

My talk lasted around an hour. You can download my EADIM presentation free by registering through the form below. I will send you an email with details of the next Eadim conference, and who the speakers are for EADIM 2012.

Peter Hobday
Subscriptions Strategy Ltd