Consultant marketing advisor wanted

The Subscriptions Strategy newsletter and website is the UKs major source of marketing information and advice for publishers. We are currently looking for a marketer to join our panel of editorial contributors.

There is no money involved (sorry!), but your name will be published in the newsletter and ‘Consultant Marketing Advisor’ is a good title to have on your CV. We are looking for two qualities:

1. You will be currently running promotions through the Internet or other media

2. You can contribute data showing results

You can be located anywhere in the world, as our readers are interested in anything that is working; anything that is making money for publishers. So you could be selling books, courses, website access, or exhibitions or subscriptions. If it’s making money, we are interested.

You will be in control of the figures and data you supply, so by rounding percentages you won’t need to reveal sensitive company information if you don’t wish to.

Contact me at:, or use the form below.

Peter Hobday
Subscriptions Strategy Ltd