Capturing profitable leads

In selling, the quality of your leads is most important

Let’s take the process step-by-step and look at how some highly successful websites are capturing and converting customers.

Then we’ll look at the Top Gear website which hasn’t taken even rudimentary marketing steps to build prospects either for its website or magazine.

Where do your visitors register?
‘Register now for free information’ in a prominent box on the home page is a must. And it’s important to include an incentive such as a free report, tips or newsletter.

Where to put your registration box?
Where on the home page should you put your box? Locate it where it cannot be missed, dead centre top, or at the top of the left or right column. Repeat the box lower down too.

But most visitors to a website don’t arrive at the home page. The answer to that is to employ a pop-up box. Here are some subscriptions best practice pointers:

A pop-up box is the most effective method of capturing email addresses.

A free bulletin or newsletter is vital to keep visitors in touch with a changing market, and your name in their minds.

Three more examples of subscriptions best practice:

The Peak Performance website has the registration box dead centre and visitors cannot, and do not, ignore it. the free sign-up box contains a list of nine benefits to tempt the reader to sign up for their weekly email. That must be a record.

Money Week: how often should you send out free information? The most successful of all information publishing companies, Agora, sends out daily emails.

Surely all this subscriptions stuff is common sense?
No it’s not. If it was common sense, then everyone would carry promotions to attract visitors to register on their websites. That is quite a simple first step: in selling, quality leads are everything.

But they don’t.

The Top Gear website is the flagship for the biggest TV brand in the world. More people worldwide watch the BBC Top Gear show than any other. But they have no promotion on their website for visitors to sign up for a free newsletter, tips or news.

Search, and you will find a box down on the bottom right of the home page (the worst place to advertise anything). The wording is:

‘Newsletter. Top Gear for your inbox. Sign up now’.

Not what you would call a promotion, is it?

Subscriptions and membership copywriting

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