Bad Copy from Broadsystem

Broadsystem may be a great company – but can their clients understand them?

I have reproduced an extract from Broadsystem’s publicity below. The idea is to read into the copy and see how far you get before you say to yourself:

‘What the hell are these people talking about?’

“About Broadsystem – Closer Contact • Greater Insight: Everything Broadsystem does for clients – from strategy through to ongoing delivery – is focused on releasing sustainable streams of customer value. We do this by engaging the right people, the right mindset and the right resources. We are a benefits–led business, driving direct and continuous interactions with customers through multiple digital, print and high-value human channels.
We understand the need for greater trust, greater security, greater availability, forward-thinking investment, insightful planning, efficient project management and an iterative approach to learning and improvement. Through the sustainable and controlled flow of information, knowledge, aspirations, behaviour, transactions and interactions Broadsystem ultimately helps its clients to build and maintain customer and shareholder value.

We create, manage and deliver customer communication strategies through direct interaction. We develop, host, and manage marketing databases for our clients and through the intelligent analysis of customer data we deliver marketing messages through integrated and multi–channel communications.
The combination of business and data capabilities has been brought together to help clients to leverage customer data to grow organisational profitability while maintaining an optimal service to customers. It is Broadsystem’s experience that time taken to plan the strategy at the outset of a programme, results in significantly enhanced returns and reduced project risk.”

I doubt if anyone would read all that copy and understand it. The great test is: if someone spoke those words to you at a dinner party, what would you think?’

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