Autoresponders - how they work

Subscription delivery

Many visitors to websites opt-in to receive a free newsletter.

The newsletter is delivered as a subscription by email. Most professional sites use a ‘sequential autoresponder’ to collect the leads and deliver the subscription.

The free subscription you offer is a series of newsletters written to build a relationship and promote your products. An autoresponder is one of the most effective subscription marketing tools a publisher can own because it removes the usual worry and stress over deadlines and copy.

You can create your copy whenever you feel ready. And there is no prescribed length – you decide how much to write. You also decide what to write about. You can file 10 articles in one day, go on holiday and write nothing until you get back. Or, like me, you do it the other way around: you go on holiday, write all your articles, come back and put them on the autoresponder.

The only problem with doing that is a laptop screen is difficult to read in the sunshine – all those pics of guys using a computer on the beach must be staged..

What – no editorial deadline?
If you have ever worked in a publishing environment, you will see all that as totally anarchistic! All those decisions and deadlines are laid out months in advance by the editor and must be followed to the letter!

Yes, an autoresponder has changed the way we work. You build a stronger, more lasting relationship with your customers and increase your income too with an autoresponder. Let’s take a look at how the subscription marketing process works and how to use the service to turn visitors into real prospects.

How autoresponders are used in subscription marketing
Many small-business owners are intimidated by the thought of putting out a regular newsletter simply because of the perceived effort required. They may be too busy to learn HTML.

The autoresponder has become an indispensable feature of the top marketing sites. They automatically collect and manage email lists and the messages you send out to the lists. This is an essential ingredient in the four steps to establishing a profitable, long-term business:

1. Attract quality prospects

2. Get to know them

3. Get them stay

4. Sell to them

Attracting quality prospects and establishing a relationship with them is, of course, a perquisite to all business.

Knowing your customers and how your product can help them is a fundamental early lesson in every sales training book or course.

You can read more about how an autoresponder is an essential element in converting people who register on your website in the Subscriptions Strategy newsletter.

Autoresponder conversion rates
The Subscriptions Strategy articles show some typical websites, how many visitors they receive, how many sign up for the free newsletter and how many of those convert to paying customers.

So it’s a three-part process.

That three-part process is fully automatic and is the basis of most successful websites today. Not all the websites we analyse are from publishers (unless you count every website as a ‘publication’). But all use subscription marketing to maintain constant contact.

Some sites are selling one-off items such as software, a book, report or information product. Some have just a one page ‘landing page’ or ‘squeeze page’ to capture the name and send follow up messages.

If you plan your website with subscriptions marketing and autoresponder coversions in mind, you can create dozens of landing pages, each with a product, quoting various prices and emphasising different benefits, all with the same purpose: maximising profits.

This follows one of the basic corner stones of good marketing: test to find the best price your market will bear.

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As publishers ourselves, we live or die by results. If a promotion doesn’t work, we lose money. If it works we record the results and use it on our own, and our clients’ websites and publications.

Every issue of the Subscriptions Strategy newsletter carries examples of successful marketing.

How you benefit by removing risk
As far as we are concerned, our testing means the difficult and costly part is over. As far as you are concerned, you can benefit from this tried and tested knowledge because the risk of failure has been removed and profitability is assured.

You will also find Subscriptions Strategy a great resource for training staff in all aspects of subscriptions marketing.

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